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Environmentalists warn Shenzhen Stock Exchange about risks of the Amazar “Belt and Road” project in Russia

Environmental Paper Network and 7 other organizations on May 10 have sent a letter expressing our concerns to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and other interested parties who need to be aware of the risks of investment in the Amazar Pulp and Saw Mill Project in Zabaikalsky Province of Russia. The Amazar Project and Pokrovka-Loguhe Border Crossing are being marketed by china’s Heilongjiang Province as a crucial part of China-Russia-Mongolia Economic Corridor under the Belt and Road Initiative.

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Tiger of the snows

The elusive Siberian tiger is not only under threat but also — due to rampant illegal logging — its final forest domain


White flakes slip delicately down. Dusting the glow of graceful moss-clad forest relics rotting back into the ground, they illuminate the few giants still standing — majestic Japanese yew and lofty Korean pine. The ancient trees are silent; the only sound is from the hustle of our camouflaged legs on the game trail.

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After second performance of the scandalous TV show devoted to illegal logging and timber business in Primorye last week on the Russian channel, where head of the regional Forest service Peter Diyuk stated that all the timber market players deal with illegal timber here, special brigade of Russian Ministry of Interior (Militia) stopped operations of all timber yards around town of Dalnerechensk. Minister Rashid Nurgaliev thus decided to close the key channel of illegal timber which, by the lot of official and non government reports, is outsourcing mainly from Dalnerechensk system of timber yards and customs checkpoints.

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