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20 years on the way to sustainability

Remarks from FSC General Assembly

By Anatoly Lebedev, NGO BROC

When I first tried to accept ideology of voluntary forest certification, I was wondering that the model is historically unique. Something like efforts of three groups of people in a bloody war for the same piece of treasure to come to consent agreement. I was thinking: what should suddenly happen with desire of each group to get and personally possess the treasure ? Why they turn able to change their mind after centuries of bloody battle ? Respond was almost obvious: because each group in the war seeks sustainability as a core essence of existence. And each understand, that it is impossible to cancel enemies up to zero – they will always exist with their opposing interests. So there is no other choice but to come to compromise.

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Russian Forestry in Siberia: Mitigating or Contributing to Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss?

By Anatoly Lebedev, BROC-“Ecology and Business”, Vladivostok, Russia

December 2009

Most people on the globe are already aware, that forests play three basic roles in civilization and biosphere: they contain core volume of biodiversity, balance climate and provide plenty of consumer products. A bit less people know that Russian Siberia possess more than 20 % of globally remained forests. And much less people have any imagination on what’s going on in Siberian forests and how they are managed now.

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Argun wetlands getting gone for Chinese agriculture

By Anatoly Lebedev, “Ecology and Business”, Sept 2, 2009

 As satellite images demonstrate, China created channel in Hulunber prefecture, target to supply water from Argun (Hailar) river at the Russian border to Hulungou duct and further to Dalai lake. Thus Chinese authorities illegally evaded into Biosphere wetlands preserve “Dalai Lake”, which also has a top status of UNESCO World Heritage by it’s high biodiversity and has to be protected by Ramsar Convention on wetlands.

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